Dirk J. Broer, Eindhoven University of Technology presents at 4DMM Conference

Dirk J. Broer, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, will be presenting during the 4D Printing & Metamaterials Conference: “Morphing dynamics in light-triggered liquid crystal networks”.

Polymers that can change shape or their surface topography in a programmed way have a wide application potential varying from micro-robotics to avionics. We developed morphing principles based on liquid crystal networks. The triggers are temperature, light, pH or changes in environment. The focus of the lecture is on UV actuation of surfaces. Accurate positioning of molecules in a thin layer predetermine the deformation figures. The surface topographies are dynamic and disappear as soon as the light is switch off. An interesting feature is that the surface tribology can be altered be UV exposure.

“The mind moves the mass”

About Dirk Broer
Dirk J. Broer is materials scientist and specialized in molecular structured soft matter. He did his PhD in Groningen University. From 1973 to 2010 he worked at Philips Research (Eindhoven, Netherlands) on topics as electronics, data storage, communication and display optics. In 1996 he became part-time professor at the Eindhoven University covering research topics polymer waveguides, solar energy, organic semiconductors, lithography and polymer actuators. In 2010 he was appointed as full time professor and in 2015 staff member of the Institute of Complex Molecular Systems. Prof. Broer is member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). He has around 250 publications in peer reviewed journals and 120 US patents.

About Eindhoven University of Technology
The Eindhoven University of Technology has approximately 2,500 employees including faculty, technical and administration staff. A total of 9,000 students are enrolled in twelve technical study programs, all of which grant internationally recognized degrees. The Department Polymer Chemistry and Technology is an integrated research center of the university and numbers approximately four academic staff members, eight technical research staff members, and 30 Ph.D., students and post-doctoral fellows. Annually, the department members and students produce around fifty publications and dissertations. Within the Department Polymer Chemistry and Technology the group ‘Functional Organic Materials and Devices’ performs research in the field of functional polymer materials for optical and mechanical applications in the fields of energy management, water treatment and healthcare. The group has four staff members and around 25 PhD students and Postdocs.

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