Martin van Hecke, AMOLF presents: “Folding Mechanical Metamaterials”

Martin van Hecke presents at the 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference: “Folding Mechanical Metamaterials”. Martin is Professor of Physics at Leiden Institute of Physics and AMOLF Amsterdam.

Metamaterials derive their functionality from their structure, rather than their composition. This talk introduces novel origami-based matter, which is realized by 3D printing, and which leads to shape-changing materials.

About Martin van Hecke
Martin van Hecke got his PhD in physics in 1996, and was appointed as professor of physics in 2008 at Leiden university. He has worked on the mechanics of a broad range of materials, including sand and foams. Since 2012 his group is working on mechanical ‘metamaterials’, functional materials where structure, not composition, is key. In 2014 he was appointed as group-leader at AMOLF research institute in Amsterdam, and he now divides his time between Leiden and Amsterdam.

About AMOLF & Leiden Institute of Physics
FOM Institute AMOLF is one of the research laboratories of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) located in Science Park Amsterdam. LION is the physics department of the university of Leiden

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