Presentations 2017

Below you can download the presentations from the 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference 2017 in .pdf format.

Please note that not all speakers allowed us to publish their presentation.

8:45 9:30 Welcome and Registration
pieter hermans Moderator, Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
9:30 10:00 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference Lorenzo Moroni Lorenzo Moroni, Professor in Biofabrication for Regenerative Medicine, Maastricht University, on “Towards 4D printed scaffolds for regenerative medicine”, More information
10:00 10:30 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference Amir Zadpoor Amir A. Zadpoor, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair of Biomaterials and Tissue Biomechanics, Department of Biomechanical Engineering, Delft University of Technology, on ‘Meta-biomaterials’, More information

Papers from Amir A. Zadpoor’s research that can be downloaded:

Additive Manufacturing of Biomaterials, Tissues, and Organs

Programming the shape-shifting of flat soft matter: from self-rolling/self-twisting materials to self-folding origami

Mechanical meta-materials

10:30 11:00 Break
11:00 11:30 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference eberl_chris Prof. Dr. Christoph Eberl, Groupleader Meso and Micro Mechanics, Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, More information
11:30 12:00 Hiroya Tanaka Hiroya Tanaka, Professor, Keio University SFC/ Director, Social Fabrication Lab, on “New Origami (Foldable) Designs by Shape Memory Polymer Filament”, Download presentation
12:00 12:30 Patrick Baudisch Patrick Baudisch, Professor, Hasso Plattner Institute, on “Metamaterial Mechanisms”, Download presentation
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 14:00 Bas Overvelde Bas Overvelde, Scientific Group leader, AMOLF, on “Rational design of reconfigurable prismatic architected materials”, Download presentation; watch movie Reconfigurable Materials ; watch movie A 3-D Material that Folds, Bends and Shrinks on its Own
14:00 14:30 Peter Walters Peter Walters, Research Fellow, Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, on “Design at the intersection of smart materials and 3D printing”, Download presentations
14:30 15:00 Valentine Gesché, Head of Division Biohybrid & Medical Textiles, Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, on “4D textiles for biohybrid implants”, More information
15:00 15:30 Break
15:30 16:00 albert-schenning 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference Professor Albert Schenning, Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Functional Organic Materials & Devices, Eindhoven University of Technology, on “Stimuli-responsive materials based on 3D structured liquid crystalline polymer networks”, Download presentation
16:00 16:30 simon thiele Simon Thiele, University of Stuttgart, Germany, on “3D printed complex microoptics”, More information
16:30 18:00 End of Conference and drinks