Presentations to download

Below you can download the presentations of the 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference in .pdf file.

Note: Some of the speakers did not allow us to publish their presentation.

Morning program

Prof. Dr. Martin van Hecke, Leiden Institute of Physics / AMOLF Amsterdam about ‘Folding Mechanical Metamaterials’ Download presentation
Prof. Dr. Dirk J. Broer, Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS), Eindhoven University of Technology about ‘Morphing dynamics in light-triggered liquid crystal networks’

Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener, Institute of Applied Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology about ‘3D optical laser lithography for 3D metamaterial’

Afternoon program
Daniel Dikovsky, Digital Materials R&D Manager, Stratasys, about ‘Fabrication of 4D Printing Systems by PolyJet Technology’ Download presentation

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jo Geraedts, Mechatronic Design chair, Section head of Reliability and Durability, TU Delft / Faculty Industrial Design Engineering, about ‘4D Printing: Integrated Properties and Mechatronic Elements in Products’ Download presentation

Fergal Coulter , PhD Candidate, Nottingham Trent University about ‘3D Printing of Inflatable Elastomeric Tensegrity Structures’

Ignacio García, Founder, Recreus, about ‘Elastic filament and printed shoes’

Tristan Mes, Manager Biomedical, SupraPolix BV, about ‘3D-Printing of Supramolecular Materials’