From 4D-Printing to Contextual 4D-Design

Hiroya Tanaka and Hitomi Kuboki from Keio University SFC will speak at the 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference.

We have designed 4D-Printed Shoes, Cars, Facades and others with several special materials.

All of our projects are trying to weave material, structure and specific stimulus in deep contexts. We will introduce our “Contextual 4D Design”

About Hiroya Tanaka

Hiroya Tanaka is Professor at Keio University Social Fabrication Lab. BA in Kyoto Univeristy, MA in Kyoto University, Ph,D in Engineering (Civil Engineering) in Tokyo University.

About Hitomi Kuboki 

Hitomi Kuboki is research collaborator at Keio University, member of Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory.

About Keio University SFC 
One of the oldest private university in Japan.

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