The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic 3D Printing Podium and our re-use program as acoustic metamaterials

We designed and created the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic 3D Printing Podium using recycled materials. Also, we are supporting its re-use program as acoustic metamaterials. In this presentation, we introduce our design and fabrication processes, and new ideas of re-cycle and re-use including metamaterial concepts.

A presentation by Akiko Sugahara, Assistant Professor at Kindai University.

About Akiko Sugahara
Akiko Sugahara has been an assistant professor at Faculty of Architecture, Kindai University since April 2020. A bachelor’s degree from Osaka University in 2015. Master’s degree in 2017 and Ph, D. in Engineering in 2020 from the University of Tokyo. Her research interest involves architectural acoustics and building materials. She is interested in developing 3D/4D printing materials to make the environment more comfortable indoors and in cities.

About Kindai University
in 1949, Osaka Technical College (founded in 1925) merged with Osaka Science and Engineering University (founded in 1943) to establish Kindai University. Over the past 90 years, we have created a comprehensive educational organization with a growing reputation.

Kindai University is now one of western Japan’s largest universities, comprising 14 faculties with 48 departments, 11 graduate schools, a graduate law school, 17 research facilities, two junior colleges, 18 associated primary and secondary schools, and two teaching hospitals. Kindai will continue expanding its educational programs and facilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of modern society.

Kindai University’s founding principles are ‘learning for the real world’ and ‘nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence’, and we are committed to our educational goal of developing students into individuals who are caring, trustworthy, and respectable. We firmly believe that our founding principles and educational goal will be all the more important in the 21st century as Japan continues to develop further into a knowledge-based society.

As an academic institution offering a broad range of programs, with different faculties and strengths, we achieve the union of practical education and the nurturing of intellectual and emotional intelligence. Practical education in its true sense does not necessarily seek simple practicability; it also requires us to understand the meaning of the events unfolding around us. Standing firmly on an understanding of reality, we should continue to make steady efforts towards creative, intellectual, and emotional intelligence while keeping historical and cultural perspectives in mind. What makes for caring, trustworthy, and respectable people? We believe that such people are self-motivated and spur themselves on to contribute to society throughout their lifetime. Our mission is to provide such individuals to society.

Akiko Sugahara is speaker at the 2022 edition of the 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference.

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