Thermo-Mechanical Metamaterials: Towards Stimuli Responsive Micro-Robotics

Ji Qingxiang

by Ji Qingxiang, Femto-st, CNRS, Université de Franche-Comté (UFC)

Metamaterials have attracted large scientific interest as promising candidates to break some fundamental bound on materials properties and to realize some dreaming devices such as the invisibility cloaks or the perfect flat lenses based on negative refraction.

However, the bounds appeared to be more fundamental and the field has extended to some coupled physical phenomena where one physics acts as the driving force. They are called stimuli-responsive metamaterials and have been demonstrated in many combinations like thermoelastic, magneto-optics, piezo-electric etc. In this paper, we show the possibility of printing the basic elements of a 3 axis microrobot using single-step lithography.

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