“3D-Printing of Supramolecular Materials”, Presented by Tristan Mes, SupraPolix BV

3D-Printing of Supramolecular Materials”, Presented by Tristan Mes, SupraPolix BV. Supramolecular polymers, based on hydrogen bonding are eminently suitable for FDM 3D-printing. The thermo-reversible nature of hydrogen bonding favors the interplay between the intrinsic processability and the mechanical properties of the polymer and is therefore lowering its printing-temperature while retaining its mechanical performance. Furthermore, the specific rheological profiles of supramolecular polymers may lead to unique dynamical properties like self-healing behavior.

By using our SupraB™ hydrogen bonding technology, we have developed various polymers for 3D-printing ranging from strong biocompatible elastomers, to elastomers with self-healing behavior, to soft hydrogel materials with shape-memory properties.

About Dr. ir. Tristan Mes

Tristan Mes, Manager biomedical at SupraPolix BV, holds a PhD in chemistry (2010) and a MSc degree in Chemical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is specialized in the synthesis, characterization and processability of polymers, especially those comprising hydrogen bonding interactions. Currently, he is involved in new business development in the fields of 3D-printing, self-healing materials and polymers for biomedical application.

About SupraPolix BV

SupraPolix BV is a young company developing innovative polymeric materials, under the commercial name SupraB™, for applications ranging from adhesives and specialty coatings, to biomedical materials, cosmetics and 3D-printable materials. Our SupraB™-materials deliver unique processing and rheological benefits together with tunable material performance.

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