“Metamaterials Focus to 3D Printing Insoles Production”, Presented by Ignacio Garcia, Recreus

Metamaterials Focus to 3D Printing Insoles Production”, Presented by Ignacio Garcia. An explanation how to create 3d printing parts, insoles, prosthetics etc, with different hardness and stiffness varying the infill pattern, using the same material, FILAFLEX. How you can do it with a new software calls GENSOLE. Spreading the possibilities of FDM printers.

About Ignacio Garcia

I was born in Spain (Alicante) in 1984. Since I was born I´ve been involved inradio control airplanes, where I learnt most of my nowadays skills. During my degree (industrial design engineering) I specialized in composite material and Thermoplastic. In 2009 I started with 3d printing and finally I developed my own extruder to develop and try new materials for 3d printers. In 2013 I founded RECREUS and we released the first elastic filament for 3d printers FILAFLEX. Nowadays we are developing new materials and printers

About Recreus

In September 2013 recreus.com born and launched our product by the design of the first printed functional shoes at a low cost 3D printer (600 €). This event made us go around the world and be published in many technological Blogs, so sales increased!

During the last two years things have gone very fast, now we are not in the garage of my house we have moved to 400m2 factory. During 2014 my sister Sara joined the team formed by my father and me. And now we can say we are a Familiar technological company!

We are currently exporting to over 60 countries and everything is growing.

Our current goal is the creation of new filaments that do not exist in the market expanding in this way the possibilities for designed parts, and secondly, expansion and manufacturing process automation, in order to invest in human talent, which is what truly marks the difference in the race of innovation.

Our philosophy comes from open source and therefore we must return to the community our progress, for this reason Recreus share 3d designs of all models such as: (extruders, hotends, 3d models etc) because we believe that everything will move forward more quickly and easily we improve  this amazing technology.

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